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Board Chairman & Advisor

Bernie is a Cuban Immigrant, one of the noted Pedro Pan Boys. He serves as the chairman of the Board for Progeny.

Bernie is currently based in Jupiter, Florida. Bernie served as Seagate Technology Inc’s (NYSE: STX) executive vice-president responsible for global sales and marketing from 1991 to 2000. Seagate is the largest hard drive company in the world, with 100,000 employees in 28 countries and sales of $1.9 Billion per quarter. After retirement, he established his own consulting practice and currently provides professional services to Seagate and serves as a director on the boards of several other high technology companies in the US and South Africa.

During more than 15 years at Seagate, Bernie personally spearheaded the company’s entry into the South American, South African, and Asia markets and played a major role in helping to establish Seagate disk drives as the brand of choice among the country’s leading desktop and server manufacturers.  While at Seagate, Bernie directed the construction and set-up of numerous factories, and in all cases, Bernie was able to beat all deadlines to maximum production rates, including the direct oversight of a new factory in Singapore where he started a factory from scratch and hired 20,000 employees and was in full production in less than a year.

Bernie is also a co-founder and majority owner of the fast rising AirTab App and sits on the Board of a number of Companies directing their growth.

Through a personal commitment to the country as well as customers throughout South Africa, he continues to work tirelessly with carefully selected South African companies to provide international access to leading edge products, solutions and skills development resources. He is the majority shareholder and co-founder of a data company located in Johannesburg, South Africa which has sales of 400 Million rand per year.


Bernie is an avid Golfer, and has served as the Admirals Club President for two terms. During that time he brought the club to a positive cash flow position, oversaw over $100,000 million in projects which provided the complete reconstruction of both golf courses, and the addition of a marina and club renovation and expansion including four-story parking garage. He performed his duties and kept the project under budget.


Bernie and his wife Silvia live in Jupiter, Florida.  Bernie has three children and four grand-children.

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