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Miranda is an engineering, consultancy, manufacturing and R&D company focused in the treatment of water, wastewater and reuse of treated water. We are established to offer solutions to the growing water management needs of our country and the world struggling with the management of depleting water resources caused by global warming.

In 2012, to further strengthen it’s position in Turkey and to expand in the international markets, Miranda Board of Directors agreed to accept the partnership offer by SKion (Suzanne Klatten Investment Group) which is owned by one of the largest shareholders of BMW AG, world famous car manufacturer. As a consequence of this partnership, Miranda will achieve it’s objectives much faster and will also be proud to carry the quality of Turkish manufacturing throughout the world.

Miranda is focused to address the needs within its area of activity accurately and expediently with its experienced technical staff who are ready to serve with the principle of total customer satisfaction. 

“MIRANDA” which carries the meaning of “worthy of admiration” in Latin; is made up of people which are dedicated to erase the neglect of many years in the environment and natural resources. In addition, “Miranda rights” expression which is the legal term that acknowledges the basic rights of a person within the law is missing one important right. That right is the “right of every human for a clean environment”. Miranda has developed a wastewater treatment system named “MIRACELL®” which utilizes leading technologies in the field. Our customers by using Miracell®, reclaim their domestic waste water in obtaining odorless and clear, treated water which is used for many purposes such as irrigating green areas, washing roads, etc. The wastewater which would have been discharged is not only put to use by our customers as a valuable conserved resource but also is a proof of their individual contributions to the cleanliness of the environment. Those customers which are active in industrial fields are able to source their cooling water needs or the water requirements for concrete mixing or curing.

If one asks why Miranda is preferred when many firms offer to provide all the mentioned benefits, the response is hidden in the name of Miracell®’s advanced technology. Miracell® when compared to its competitors is more economical, quieter, odor free and aesthetic. The manufacturers of waste water treatment plants should display their sensitivity to the environment in the appearance of the plants they design and manufacture but many of our competitors do not address this important point. In addition, Miracell® due to the corrosion free and easily formed materials used in its manufacturing is able to offer desired colors, textures and functionality.

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