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Progeny utilizes the concept to "Raise" Up (Resilient, Affordable, Innovative, Sustainable, Efficient) in a complete sustainable development through a uniquely innovative building system,  for commercial and housing solutions for efficient construction. Progeny can produce single-family detached residences, duplexes, and multiplex dwellings that are extremely efficient in off-grid and grid-tied solutions. While appropriate for many building applications, Progeny is focusing on optimizing home design and sales for the multi-unit developer, production builder, build-for-Rent, and government housing markets that are focused on fully sustainable development. Projects developed through Progeny are rated to be resisted to Category 5 hurricane, Category 3 tornado, hail, chloride (salt), mold, mildew, water, insect, fire, vermin, storm debris impact and seismic resistant to over 11.8 on the Richter scale and use the latest technologies through beneficial partnerships with numerous companies who provide the latest in Green Construction.   To "Raise" Up  offers all of this with no off-gassing, a tenth of the carbon footprint with a positive energy production as compared to that of traditional construction methods. The system can be widely produced, mobilized and constructed in a fraction of the time, within traditional development budgets while meeting most any contemporary designs.

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