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The potential global market for energy storage is vast.  And SimpliPhi Power is at the cutting edge of battery back-up systems - ready to provide breakthrough technology in multiple ways for businesses and consumers everywhere.  New game-changing products are coming.  To reflect this, Catherine and Stuart have now rebranded LibertyPak/OES as SimpliPhi Power.

SimpliPhi Power storage solutions only use lithium ferrous phosphate (LFP) – a cobalt-free lithium ion chemistry. This means our batteries are free of toxic hazards and do not go into thermal runaway with fire or explosions. Keeping you, your family, business, and community safe, while creating true energy security and resilience.

“SimplPhi Power wanted to capture in our company name what our technology does for energy storage,” says Catherine. “Our new name incorporates ‘Phi’, the Greek mathematic symbol for the Golden Ratio, because that explains what our technology actually does: it will simplify your power, whether in conjunction with, or independent of, the grid.

"In nature and in man-made design, the golden ratio achieves balance, symmetry and simplicity. The fundamental principles of Phi are integral to our company and the way we design our products. Our innovative designs, internal architecture and rigorous R&D and beta testing have translated into performance profiles and a level of execution across market applications unparalleled in the power storage industry.”

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